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Boo, it’s a baby shower

by Scott

1410 Elkton Ct.

College Station, TX 77845

Tina is registered at Target, Amazon, & Etsy.

Hosted by James & Beth Creel, Michelle Campbell-Greene, and Molly Painter.

This is not your ordinary baby shower. Not just for ladies, but casual and come & go. Cocktails will be served at 6 o’ clocks. Heavy hors d’oevres and snacks will be provided.

Please r.s.v.p below.

Baby Shower RSVP

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Peacock feather flower bouquets…and fajitas.

by artjynx

Caution: more wedding spoilers…otherwise enjoy.

First an update: T-24 days and counting. We’ve so far gotten first draft of the wedding vows, a list of signs I need to make and design, a final meeting at the Greenbranch, and a visit from Pastor Dan on Monday. (Dear Pastor Dan, please forgive me but everytime I see you, I hear Forrest Gump in my head screaming “Lieutenant Dan!”)

Last week was full of wedding stuff. Scott and I had a final meeting of going over final stuff at the Greenbranch. Alexi, my MOH, Sandee, my cake, caterer, and Michelle, our newly appointed wedding planner person came to the meeting with us. Michelle is a friend of a friend (well, I call her friend now too) who recommended our photographer to us awhile back and has since decided to begin wedding and event planning ( in Bryan/College Station. Not the overly frou-frou ones mind you, but the really fun and creative ones that are totally personalized and alternative, which around here, is hard to come by. She’s got great ideas and I’m totally happy she’s helping us out the day of.

Anyhoo, the meeting went very well. I actually got talked out of some of the lighting plans I had, but really, I’m a bit relieved as we’ll now have less to do the day before.  I bought candles so everything should be nice and romantic.

The rest of the week was getting prepared for the flower power party. I am so lucky to have friends who are willing to drive 2 hours to be put to work making flowers. We previously had taken a class in Austin at The Stitch Lab on ribbon flowers and were excited to put all that knowledge to work. I highly recommend the stitch lab..i will be revisiting future classes, my inner Martha is pining to make stuff.

Saturday at noon, Molly, Tara, Megan, Alexi and Beth came over and the assembly line began. Megan seems to channel Martha Stewart and everything she touches becomes like perfectly beautiful…we had her fixing everyone’s goofs or starting people out in addition to making pretty flowers.

Tara, Molly, and I made more flowers. Alexi was in charge of hot glue and creating stems (which I learned from Beth, styrofoam thingies are so not necessary. All you need is cloth covered wire and lots of hot glue to make stems) Beth was in charge of arranging flowers as we went. I have been making flowers since Scott and I got engaged, but you know the saying you have to be bad before you can be good? (yeah, lots of bad flowers were concocted…almost frankenstein-like..some survived and were incorporated into the bouquets) I also knew I wanted a variety so I bought some wood birch chip flowers from etsy at a store called accents and petals.


Last but not least, Scott and the men folk grilled fajitas with all the fixins for the ladies. Scott would like his ancient fajita secret shared….Tecate marinade. yes just simply drown the raw chicken in Tecate overnight and you have the best chicken fajitas ever…super juicy. The men kindly did us a favor and left to hang out at a bar for a few more hours while we finished. T’was a productive day and I definitely am very grateful for such awesome friends. I will be extremely happy when Katherine can take pics that do these bouquets justice…. :)

Aggies 33, Sooners 19!

by Scott

A while back Tina told me that she’d never been to an Aggie football game! I couldn’t believe that someone who had graduated from this university had never seen a game in Kyle Field. I thought it was some sort of requirement for graduation or something? If it isn’t, it should be. We had to fix this, so we got some tickets to the A&M vs OU game and invited Tina’s parents up for the game.

Scott and Tina posing in Kyle Field

Scott and Tina posing for a picture at the A&M vs OU game, 2010. This is the first time Tina has ever been to Kyle Field and we had front row seats!

Tina was really excited and looking forward to going to the game. She definitely did not feel that Scott was dragging her out to a football game. If you believe any of that, then you don’t know Tina very well! She’s not into sports, well, actually neither am I. But I do like to watch the Aggies win every now and then. I had a great time, and afterward Tina told me that she thought it was fun. I don’t know if she’s just telling me that, but she did seem to enjoy her self during the game. At least now she can say she’s been to a game and had a taste of what a Yell Leader is, along with all the traditions surrounding A&M Football. Perhaps in a few years we’ll go to another game, but I don’t think season tickets are in our future.

Since the Sooner’s were ranked 8th going into the game with 7 wins out of 8 games this season I was afraid the game was going to be a slow motion slaughter. In fact it was a great game! The Aggies got an early lead and kept it for the entire game. Great game Aggies!

Hollywood Murder Mystery

by Scott

This years Murder Mystery Event was a great success! We held it again this year downtown at Café Capri, they are very helpful in making the event easy to organize. For this year’s theme we choose “Hollywood Murder Mystery” filled with cheeky caricatures of famous celebrities such as Bill Rodgers still wearing his sweater from his famous children’s TV show, and country music super stars Willie Ray Cyrus and Shania Vain. A few fictional characters showed up such as Juan Valdez and V.R. Ewing! It was a great time to see our friends dressed up in costume trying to impersonate famous people.

This year’s event was much harder to solve than last years with only two detectives successfully solving the crime. These two were able to find the three important pieces of information: motive, opportunity, and the weapon. The put these together to prove that the character Nicole was playing was the murder. Nicole was able to throw off suspicion by claiming that the gun she had was just a tranquilizer gun used to quite animals before trips on airplanes. Kyle took home the ‘Best Sleuth’ award for his detective work.

Everyone from the Hollywood Murder Mystery posing in front of the cake at the end of the evening.

There were some really great costumes! Cody came dressed as Jack Cool a movie actor straight from the set of his new vampire movie. He won the ‘Best Costume’ award and was the butt of several Twilight themed jokes through out the night. In the honorable mention category Molly’s costume of the cleaning lady, Gladys Green, was spot on, along with Beth’s immersion into the rocker Cinnamon Stix’s attitude. In the ‘Best Actor’ category Chris Walters blew everyone away with his British accent for the character Lincoln Mercury.

I encourage everyone to check out the rest of the photos from the event on flickr.

Tina and I would like to thank Café Capri, Sandee Moss of Cinderella Stories for the awesome cake, Cody Green for both participating and taking awesome pictures, and everyone else who attended the event for making it a success. Thank you.

Its my birthday and we ate sushi.

by Scott

This past Saturday evening Tina and a few of my fellow laborers gathered to celebrate my Birthday and May Day. We went to Naked Fish, what I believe to be the best Sushi restaurant in B/CS, and ate some great sushi. I highly recommend the Dancing Tuna roll, it’s probably their best roll on the menu.

Tina arranged to get some Sushi cupcakes for the event and they turned out amazing, see the picture below. The waitstaff at the restaurant hadn’t seen anyone do that before. It was funny to see the sushi chef’s checking out Sandee’s icing recreation.

Scott's Birthday Cupcake at Naked Fish
Sushi topped birthday cupcakes by Sandee Moss of Cinderella Stories. Everyone was amazed by how awesome they looked and how good they tasted.

See our other photo’s from the event on Flickr.