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Almost Two…

by artjynx


She’s trying to drive already. Scott is sharing all of his childhood places with Ellie and so far we’ve returned here several times. Ellie is a fan. She’s turning into a 2 year old. She’s already acting like one and is fiercely independent except when she wants her mommy or daddy. Then she’s relentless. However, she’s excellent at preschool dropoffs and is very brave now about school. I am going to have to learn to figure her out at a faster pace as she’s now starting to just grow mentally far faster than I was prepared for. Have patience with mommy sweetie.

One year and one rat infested pie later…

by artjynx

If you don’t get the Monty Python reference then you’re probably younger or have no sense of humor. So I have been neglecting this poor blog for a really long time, but really it’s not entirely my fault. I won’t make every post about not writing more posts I promise. Ellie has grown so much it’s getting hard to keep up with her. Especially now that she’s all walking/running everywhere. She just started daycare full time. We eased ourselves into the whole daycare thing as we knew it would be a big change for all of us including the get sick constantly routine once she started. Now we’re all pretty much pros with daycare (knock on wood). Ellie just got over her worst virus this week after starting full time, but we expected it on some level just not the super high fever. She’s much better now and was sooooo ready to go back to school (I’m now boring). We have lots of toys for her, but she’s either a little too young yet (barely) or a little too old for some of her toys, but we managed to play with them all.

Ellie received a beautiful art easel made by her grandpa Perry and she is in total love with it. I’m excited to see her want to express herself and her love for good art supplies. (I must encourage this :) ). She wants to draw any chance she gets.


Yes, here she is. My little pickles. Hard to believe she was so small when she first arrived. Now she’s one of the taller kids in her class.


1 year! …almost.

by artjynx

Yes. I’m trying to get a jump on this baby growing faster than I can keep up with her…my last post..6 months. Parent of the year. To be fair, we moved, found a house, updated said house and moved again. All this while trying to freelance and take care of said baby. Tired? me? no….

So much in one year…new baby, new city, new job, new house. I’m so glad we decide to meet all of our goals at once. Now I can relax a little. ha.

swinginEllie, you’ve been so busy! Crawling, standing, growing teeth (2 almost in and 3 starting!). You’ve been trying to say the words “baby” and “momma”, but you’ve decided to be selective when using them. You love to babble and have created numerous noises in the past few months. Two of my favorites being raspberries and clicking your tongue. You LOVE the swing. The above picture is you and your first time on the swings. This obviously was after you calmed down from screaming with glee at the top of your lungs. How come we hadn’t done this sooner!?

halloween2013Halloween. That’s right, your parents dressed you as an archaic cartoon character. Even archaic to your parents, but hey, you’ll learn what classic animation is if it kills me. Some things never go out of style. We didn’t exactly take you trick or treating but we did parade you around the new neighborhood before bedtime and sucker you into a bunch of photos. You hated that bone in your hair btw. Thanks for humoring me for at least a little bit.

And now…your first birthday is approaching and I can hardly contain myself. My sweet girl, it’s hard to imagine last year before you were here and now how much you’ve grown and changed in the last year. You’re developing quite the expressive personality and I’m constantly entertained by you. I love you, baby.

Miss Elliot Marie Phillips

by artjynx

Yay! She’s finally here! Huge. sigh. of. relief. After having not-the most-idyllic pregnancy, meeting ellie-bean for the first time (after assessing that she was perfectly healthy) was just a massive wave of relief setting in. I must say being pregnant is not what I thought it was supposed to be.  Ok, maybe I got the sappy fun glow part for about 2 weeks. The rest of the time consisted of being sick, overwhelmed, tired, and constantly being told the potential horrible things I could be doing to my baby or things that could go wrong or things that might be wrong based on an obscure test that no one really explained what the number on the results meant as it could mean anything nothing usually good though and it meant I was high-risk (sounds like I had cooties or something). Also, She was so worth every minute of it.

Others reactions:

Mia, our schnauzer, is completely obsessed with her. She only gets to stare at her for now, but I can tell Mia is going to be her protector as she gets older. She gets up with us in the middle of the night for Ellie’s night time feedings and gets worried when she cries.

Maisy isn’t quite ready to share her opinion just yet, but mostly has lamented the loss of her chair once again to me and Ellie occupying it for feedings.

Ellie so far…

LOVES her daddy. She fits perfectly in the crook of his arm and will sleep soundly. Daddy is a ninja-swaddler and makes sure she’s comfy when going to bed. So far (knock on wood) Her sleeping has been getting better with hopefully a more established routine. It’s either that or we’ve gotten used to less sleep. She loves to make faces which her father seems to think she’s taking after me on that trait. No clue what he’s talking about here.


One Week…(and that Barenaked ladies song is stuck permanently in my head)

by artjynx

It’s Saturday morning. Exactly one week til the wedding day. Scott and I have been doing that annoying to everyone else couple’s thing…(this will be the last time we go here unmarried….sort of thing). It’s only annoying when other people do it, right? ;) This 3-Day weekend couldn’t come at a better time. I’m making some last minute DIY crafty things (and figured out how to do them right after only 4 tries and realized that I was putting way too much thought into making them perfect). One thing I’ve learned about this DIY stuff is that usually they are really simple and only look complex. All those ETSY people can’t be totally constantly working, yes? We still have some big things to get done but we’re waiting on a few vendors before being able to do it. I’m pretty confident we’ll get it done and if we don’t or it’s not perfect…I’m sure people will have a good time anyway. We’re also dividing that time into just being together and enjoying these few days before it’s all a sweet memory. I’m constantly told that it will be over before I know it, so I’m trying to capture as much as I can.

I will be going to Design Camp in a few weeks after the wedding and one of the classes I’m taking is an iphone photography class using an iphone app called hipstamatic. Luckily, I started playing with it early to make sure I had downloaded all the fun stuff. It turns out that the makers of hipstamatic created a special free lens just for SXSW. I wasn’t able to go this year due to wedding circumstances….(design camp was the consolation, but I think I’m totally fine with that). Anyhoo, I’ve been using that free lens constantly and think it’s my favorite. We went to Wolf Pen Creek Park yesterday to soak up the awesome day (i keep looking at the weather and I’m very hopeful our wedding day will be just as pretty).

What a great day to do nothing. We did do a lot yesterday, but this was a break from it all. It makes me very grateful for all the awesome, wonderful people in our lives and our upcoming wedding. I keep pinching myself mentally (yes, it’s possible) that I get the honor of being Scott’s wife in just a week. I hope I can do it without crying. I’ve always been annoyed with myself for being overwhelmed with emotion for certain things. I just want to enjoy it and be happy…but the whole idea of it hits me at once and boom waterworks. I’m going to try to put most of this in writing this week, and hopefully I can emotionally wrap my head around it and just be relaxed and happy. Not a teary eyed happy. Either way, happy. I love you, sweetie!