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Aggie Pet Zone

by Scott

Tina has always been an very enthusiastic dog mom. Our two puppies, Mia and Maisy, have always lived a very pampered life wanting for nothing. A few weeks ago we were planning a trip out of town where it would have been very inconvenient for the puppies to travel with us. Normally the puppies would have stayed with a friend for the time but this time that wasn’t an option.

Aggie Pet Zone

Searching for another option we came across Aggie Pet Zone; a new facility out on Rock Prairie Road on the other side of Wellborn. They offer a wide range of services from grooming, doggy day care, training classes, and pet boarding. One of the main selling points are their private doggie suites. These private suites consist of a small room (think closet with windows), small raised bed, tile floor, and their own flat panel television. They promise to take girls out 6 times a day, and if you wish they will let your puppies socialize with other dogs staying there.

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the furr-balls…Maisy and Mia

by artjynx

In case you haven’t noticed, our flickr set seems to be over run by mini-schnauzers. There’s actually only 2 to be exact, but they’re quite photogenic and always seem to be waiting for their close-up Mr. DeMille…

Schnauzer Sandwich
Schnauzer Sandwich
Mia expressing herself
Mia expressing herself on her first day home. After some adjustment, Maisy accepted her new sister.