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One Year; To Fredricksburg

by Scott

Look at your calendar folks, it was this time last year that you were all invited to attend our wedding! Tina and I are very happy with our lives together. To celebrate, and just have a relaxing weekend, we wanted to explore old Fredricksburg, Texas. For a three day weekend we drove across the State with our two puppies; joining us were Phil and Tara. We stayed at Barons Creek Side and it was wonderful. Daniel, the owner, has built a romantic getaway perfect for a weekend trip to Fredricksburg. On the property there are several cabins situated around a babbling brook with ducks. Each cabin has a theme with one or two bedrooms. The property is uniquely decorated with fiberglass cows from Switzerland, Daniel’s homeland and lovingly handpainted. We mostly relaxed for the weekend, took a few trips to main street to visit the shops and enjoy a beer garden or two.

On the way back we did some Geocaching and stumbled onto Sculpture Ranch for Pharoah’s Treasure. There is a huge property out there filled with sculptures some of which are really awesome. See the pictures below. Apparently this painter/sculptor/artist from Italy settled in Texas to make a gallery out in the middle of no where. It feels wired and disjointed to find this in east Texas. Definitely recommend if you’re driving through Johnson City it’s worth the stop.

Here’s a sampling of pics from our trip, but visit our Flickr page to see all of them

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Geocaching Coins Update

by Scott

Front and back of our wedding Geocaching coin. The tracking code has been removed.

Each guest at our wedding back in March were given a Geocaching Coin as a party favor. This post is an update on the coins progress as they’ve traveled around the world, and they’ve been busy!

Geocaching is a geeky treasure hunting game where people hide and seek treasures hidden around the world. Someone starts it off by hiding a cache somewhere in the world and recording the cache’s GPS coordinates on-line. Then later others will try and find the cache with nothing but the coordinates. When they find the cache, they will take some treasure and leave some treasure, typically the treasures are: small toys, pins, or similar objects. The fun part of Geocaching is the adventure of finding the cache and exploring areas where you would not otherwise go. The best caches take you to an interesting spot; one with a great view, an historical place, or tell and story.


Geocaching Coins, like the one we gave as a party favor, each are stamped with a unique tracking code. The code is registered on-line with When a Geocacher finds the coin they will log it on-line. Then when they visit another cache in the future they will leave the coin for someone else to find. Using this we are able to track the coin as it travels around the world.

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Our coins have been on the move! Only a few coins have been released in the wild. I suspect that many guests are holding on to them waiting for a vacation where they can release the coin at some exotic location. Or possibly they think the coin is too cool to release? Either way, the coins that have been released have visited some exotic locations: Las Vegas, San Diego, Hawaii, Canada, the Great Lakes, Ireland, Germany, and numerous towns around Texas. They have seen beautiful sandy beaches, the great lakes, awesome cities, and even spent the night in a castle. Someday, if we win the lottery, Tina and I may trek to all these places. Until then it’s cool to watch the journey from afar.

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Hiking Along Barton Creek

by Scott

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Growing up at my parent’s house in south Austin I spent many summer days hiking, biking, and swimming all over Barton Creek. I think it’s one of Austin’s best undiscovered features. I’m not talking about Barton Springs pool which everyone knows about but the park and wilderness area upstream from it. I remember the first time a friend showed me the super secret path down to the creek, at the time I felt like a new secret world was just opened up to me. We spent the next several summers down there for entire days at a time. There are a few bike trails down there that are perfect for maintain biking. You can choose to stay on the north side of the creek where the trails are relatively flat or try the south side for a little more adventure where with more rocks, turns, and jumps.

A few weeks ago Tina and I spent the weekend at my parents and I was lucky enough to be able to share Barton Creek with her. Since this was August, in Texas, it was hot! So we left early in the morning before it got too hot from my parents neighborhood, Travis Country, and hiked down to the creek. Unfortunately it hadn’t rained for a while so the creek was bone dry. But that didn’t stop us! I showed her one of the many springs along the creek, and we stopped at Twin Falls. I loved this place, it’s really great natural waterfall. The water has cut several channels in the rock so it has everything Jacuzzi pools, flat shallow water, deep water, and there is a secrete cave behind one of the water waterfalls!

Twin Falls Panorama
Panoramic view of Twin Falls along Barton Creek when it’s dry as a bone. Photo taken August 2010.

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