Everyone who attended our wedding this past March were given a custom trackable Geocaching Coin. This page documents how to use on a geocaching adventure. Our journey together as a couple started three years ago while we were on a Geocaching date. Geocaching is a world-wide game of hiding and seeking treasure. Each time you find a cache you’ll take something from the cache, and replace it with a small treasure of your own. Geocaching is a great way to explore your local neighborhood and create adventures with your loved ones.

Please hide the coin in a geocache near where you live. When others find the cache with a trackable coin they will record the location online where they found it and later leave it in another cache. If they do this then you (and everyone else) will be able to track the coin’s journey as it travels from cache to cache. It’s should be fun to see how far these coins can go!

What do I need to do?

(1) Get Ready: First, you’ll need to find a GPS unit. Many smart phones these days double as GPS units. Alternatively if you don’t have a GPS unit or a fancy smart phone, some libraries (such as Texas A&M University) allow patrons to checkout GPS units.

Next, log in to and locate a cache in an area near where you live or will be. Write down the exact GPS location, and make a note of the best way to drive to the cache’s general area.

(2) Have an Adventure: Take a friend or family member and start a hunt for the cache. Put the exact GPS coordinates into your unit and don’t forget the coin. Drive as close as you can to the area. Get out of the car and start hunting using your GPS unit. It’s similar to a game of “hot and cold” as you try to find the cache.

Once you find the cache, first congratulate yourself and take your picture! Then, leave your coin in the cache and take another treasure as a souvenir. If there is a logbook record your name and date in it. Once you’re done, pack the cache back up and put it back where you found it.

(3) Share your Story: When you get back home after your adventure log back into and record that you found the cache using the number from the coin. Don’t forget to note that you left the coin in it as well. We would also love to hear about your story too, post a note to Facebook or send us an email