Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids

Alexi Person (Maid of Honor)

Alexi and Tina have known each other since High School in Sugar Land, TX. Meaning Alexi has WAY more information about Tina than she probably ever wanted to know. Alexi is a research scientist at the College of Medicine at Texas A&M. In her increasingly diminishing spare time, she runs a horse drawn carriage business. She currently lives in Bryan, TX, and continues to get dirt on Tina on a daily basis over Mexican food.

Amy Tucker

Amy and Tina know each other from the wonderful world of graduate school at the Texas A&M Visualization Lab. Where sleepless nights waiting for school projects to finish rendering are plentiful and bonding over Mexican food and the Olive Garden is the norm. She lived in Texas for a number of years before getting the itch to move to Hollywood. Amy currently works at Dreamworks Animation in Redwood City, CA where she continues to wait long hours for renderings to finish and procuring free ICEEs from the company cafeteria.

Jeri Egbert

Jeri and Tina know each other from her time in San Diego, CA. Both of them had a career stopover at DivX and bonded over Mexican food (Jalepeno’s restaurant was good), marketing cut sheets and the corporate underworld of startups. Jeri is married and currently works for PacketVideo as Director of Marketing.

Molly Painter

Molly and Tina work together at the A&M Libraries. Molly is the writer while Tina is the designer. This dynamic duo attempts to give the library a consistent look and message for its users. Molly is originally from Amarillo, TX, where she worked at West Texas A&M as a writer for the university. Molly and Tina have bonded over Mexican food (seeing a pattern here?) and strawberry tarts from La Bodega and Cafe Eccell.

Mexican food on some level will be served at the wedding ;)

The Groomsmen

Phillip Mattingly (Best man)

Scott’s friend from work, school, and everywhere in between. Phil hails from rustic Montgomery, TX before it turned into a suburb of Houston. These two met while Scott worked as a student worker in the Computer Science Department. Phil has recently moved back to Houston, TX where he is working as an engineer.

Travis Phillips

Scott’s older brother from Austin. These two grew up together while adventuring in the forest behind their parents house and getting up early in the morning for swim team practice. Travis is married to Ashley and lives in his hometown of Austin, TX.

Christopher Marks

Scott’s friend from his fraternity days. Chris, while born in Texas, spent most of his youth growing up in the United Arab Emirates. Scott and Chris met during their first year of college with assigned dorm rooms across the hall from each other. Chris is married to Leah and works for Senator Cornyn in his Dallas, TX office.

Alexey Maslov

Scott’s co-worker at the A&M Libraries. Alex is originally from Moscow. His parents immigrated to College Station just in time for him to attend high school. Scott and Alex met while working many late nights on schools projects.