One week later…

by artjynx

I promise I won’t do a weekly account of our engagement, I just haven’t really been outspoken yet other than announcing the big news. Even though I’ve been a part of the whole process, it still made me emotional at the time of the actual proposal. I think it’s it’s an inherited girl trait of some sort. So far, I do feel different actually much more confident in what’s coming ahead at least. Being an extreme goal oriented person my whole life, it was an adjustment to consider another person’s goals and how they go about achieving them. I think that’s one of the really cool things about Scott and me…we like to do things together and now we’re choosing to do this for the rest of our lives! :)

Since we got to show off Scott’s ability to choose jewelry, (and oh, he did such a beautiful job….I couldn’t ask for a prettier ring) I did manage to get a little something to mark our engagement. What’s funny is while I knew at some point he would ask, I didn’t know when. I hadn’t seen the ring in it’s actual form (I’d only seen renderings and a wax version) and I really thought he’d ask on the actual day of our anniversary, but you never know :) So I had to leave the day off but at least knew the month and year…

Engagement picture, found letters of architectural photographs.

So far, I’ve been collecting type specimens of my future name. I have several woodblock type pieces and now photography. I’m sure it won’t end there. I think it’s my way of trying it on so to speak by being creative with it.

So onto planning this wedding. So far, I’ve done internet searches and we’ve limited ourselves to around here plus a 200 mile radius of here (to include Austin if desired…Houston was also considered, but ew.) I’ve also found several blogs on DIY weddings and will post them below in the links area as discovered. I’m not sure how massively detailed I want to get on here as shouldn’t the whole thing be a little bit of surprise? But then I’m all about the process :) maybe I’ll just tease everyone a little as I go.