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One year and one rat infested pie later…

by artjynx

If you don’t get the Monty Python reference then you’re probably younger or have no sense of humor. So I have been neglecting this poor blog for a really long time, but really it’s not entirely my fault. I won’t make every post about not writing more posts I promise. Ellie has grown so much it’s getting hard to keep up with her. Especially now that she’s all walking/running everywhere. She just started daycare full time. We eased ourselves into the whole daycare thing as we knew it would be a big change for all of us including the get sick constantly routine once she started. Now we’re all pretty much pros with daycare (knock on wood). Ellie just got over her worst virus this week after starting full time, but we expected it on some level just not the super high fever. She’s much better now and was sooooo ready to go back to school (I’m now boring). We have lots of toys for her, but she’s either a little too young yet (barely) or a little too old for some of her toys, but we managed to play with them all.

Ellie received a beautiful art easel made by her grandpa Perry and she is in total love with it. I’m excited to see her want to express herself and her love for good art supplies. (I must encourage this :) ). She wants to draw any chance she gets.


Yes, here she is. My little pickles. Hard to believe she was so small when she first arrived. Now she’s one of the taller kids in her class.