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Hollywood Murder Mystery

by Scott

This years Murder Mystery Event was a great success! We held it again this year downtown at Café Capri, they are very helpful in making the event easy to organize. For this year’s theme we choose “Hollywood Murder Mystery” filled with cheeky caricatures of famous celebrities such as Bill Rodgers still wearing his sweater from his famous children’s TV show, and country music super stars Willie Ray Cyrus and Shania Vain. A few fictional characters showed up such as Juan Valdez and V.R. Ewing! It was a great time to see our friends dressed up in costume trying to impersonate famous people.

This year’s event was much harder to solve than last years with only two detectives successfully solving the crime. These two were able to find the three important pieces of information: motive, opportunity, and the weapon. The put these together to prove that the character Nicole was playing was the murder. Nicole was able to throw off suspicion by claiming that the gun she had was just a tranquilizer gun used to quite animals before trips on airplanes. Kyle took home the ‘Best Sleuth’ award for his detective work.

Everyone from the Hollywood Murder Mystery posing in front of the cake at the end of the evening.

There were some really great costumes! Cody came dressed as Jack Cool a movie actor straight from the set of his new vampire movie. He won the ‘Best Costume’ award and was the butt of several Twilight themed jokes through out the night. In the honorable mention category Molly’s costume of the cleaning lady, Gladys Green, was spot on, along with Beth’s immersion into the rocker Cinnamon Stix’s attitude. In the ‘Best Actor’ category Chris Walters blew everyone away with his British accent for the character Lincoln Mercury.

I encourage everyone to check out the rest of the photos from the event on flickr.

Tina and I would like to thank Café Capri, Sandee Moss of Cinderella Stories for the awesome cake, Cody Green for both participating and taking awesome pictures, and everyone else who attended the event for making it a success. Thank you.

Aggie Pet Zone

by Scott

Tina has always been an very enthusiastic dog mom. Our two puppies, Mia and Maisy, have always lived a very pampered life wanting for nothing. A few weeks ago we were planning a trip out of town where it would have been very inconvenient for the puppies to travel with us. Normally the puppies would have stayed with a friend for the time but this time that wasn’t an option.

Aggie Pet Zone

Searching for another option we came across Aggie Pet Zone; a new facility out on Rock Prairie Road on the other side of Wellborn. They offer a wide range of services from grooming, doggy day care, training classes, and pet boarding. One of the main selling points are their private doggie suites. These private suites consist of a small room (think closet with windows), small raised bed, tile floor, and their own flat panel television. They promise to take girls out 6 times a day, and if you wish they will let your puppies socialize with other dogs staying there.

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