Once upon a time…

This is the story of Scott, a relatively quiet and reserved boy, who meets Tina, a creative girl with poofy hair. Their journey begins at work when Tina found excuses to go upstairs and talk with the group Scott was part of. She definitely noticed Scott as he seemed very sweet while he was too focused on school and work to look up and notice a would-be friend. The couple-to-be’s first non-“date” occurred when Tina invited herself on a group outing to a movie with several of Scott’s friends. She hoped that none of the others would be able to go, and they must have read her mind because they all backed out. Tina, not wanting anything to go wrong, went to the theater an hour early to pickup tickets for the both of them. When Scott arrived at the theater before Tina, he also purchased tickets. A few minutes later Tina re-arrived at the theater and met Scott, he said, “I got your ticket.” She replied, “me too!” With four tickets in hand they went to see Beowulf, the movie was is not a good date movie — even for a non-“date” as this was.

Sometime later after the movie Scott and Tina went on several Geocaching expeditions. Geocaching is a geeky treasure hunting activity where you get to know your city and other places by simply finding caches that other people have left. They had fun exploring the local neighborhoods in the area and learning about each other in the process. Not many people can say visiting Aunt Jemima’s gravestone brought them closer together. Each time someone stops at a geocache they are supposed to take something and leave another thing it is place. This is part of the fun finding new interesting things that others have left.

One of the items the couple acquired while out on an early caching adventure is a plastic bee. These expeditions culminated in the couple’s first real date, when they went on a big adventure to Port Aransas for Sand Fest, exploring caches throughout south eastern Texas. Walking along the beach amongst the sand sculptures from the festival the couple talked about how they felt about each other.

Texas Sandfest 2008

There were still two puppies which needed to approve of Tina’s new boyfriend, her two puppies Mia and Maisy. Luckily Scott easily won their approval with many dog treats and trips to the park. The new couple’s journey continued to learn about each other and have fun along the way. Their horizons expanded as they explored new places like Las Vegas, where they enjoyed the shows but discovered that neither have careers in professional poker. For other adventures they didn’t have to go far as they they experimented with the culinary arts together. Some results were better than others.

Port Aransas Proposal - April 19th 2009

Exactly two years after their first date, while on vacation in Port Aransas Scott proposed to Tina. They were walking along the same beach as they had earlier but this time Scott got down on one knee and popped the question with the sun setting in the background. Even though she knew it was coming, she said yes with tears of joy. The couple has been planning their wedding for the following year back in their hometown of Bryan, TX.

The story of Scott and Tina’s journey continues as they learn more about each other and take on the world.