We have a date… March 26th, 2011!

by Scott

The date has been set, March 26th 2011. After investigating our wedding venue options around the area we’ve settled on our number one choice: The Greenbranch. The Greenbranch is just outside of town in a rural setting with exotic animals like Gazelle and Kangaroos. We will have more information available here at the website about lodging, travel, times, and all the other aspects you’d normally expect from a wedding website.

The Greenbranch viewed from above.

In ancient Rome March was the first month of the year. In the Mediterranean climate March is the first month of spring, a logical beginning of the year. It was not until later Gregorian calendar was invited. Wikipedia also tells me that March is American Red Cross Month, Colorectal Cancer awareness month and the month of Texas Independence.

What else occurred on March 26th?
1484 — The first English translations of Aesop’s Fables are published
1830 — The Book of Mormon is first published in New York
1953 — The Polio Vaccine passed trials , two years later it was given to every child in the United States
1976 — Queen Elizabeth II sends the first royal email
2011 — Scott Phillips and Tina Messinger are married