Miss Elliot Marie Phillips

by artjynx

Yay! She’s finally here! Huge. sigh. of. relief. After having not-the most-idyllic pregnancy, meeting ellie-bean for the first time (after assessing that she was perfectly healthy) was just a massive wave of relief setting in. I must say being pregnant is not what I thought it was supposed to be.  Ok, maybe I got the sappy fun glow part for about 2 weeks. The rest of the time consisted of being sick, overwhelmed, tired, and constantly being told the potential horrible things I could be doing to my baby or things that could go wrong or things that might be wrong based on an obscure test that no one really explained what the number on the results meant as it could mean anything nothing usually good though and it meant I was high-risk (sounds like I had cooties or something). Also, She was so worth every minute of it.

Others reactions:

Mia, our schnauzer, is completely obsessed with her. She only gets to stare at her for now, but I can tell Mia is going to be her protector as she gets older. She gets up with us in the middle of the night for Ellie’s night time feedings and gets worried when she cries.

Maisy isn’t quite ready to share her opinion just yet, but mostly has lamented the loss of her chair once again to me and Ellie occupying it for feedings.

Ellie so far…

LOVES her daddy. She fits perfectly in the crook of his arm and will sleep soundly. Daddy is a ninja-swaddler and makes sure she’s comfy when going to bed. So far (knock on wood) Her sleeping has been getting better with hopefully a more established routine. It’s either that or we’ve gotten used to less sleep. She loves to make faces which her father seems to think she’s taking after me on that trait. No clue what he’s talking about here.