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We’re Married!

by Scott

Just a few minutes ago at 6:45pm on March 26th 2011 in Bryan, Texas, Tina Messinger and Scott Phillips were married at a beautiful ceremony outside. Tina and I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time now, and we are both very happy to officially be married.

Scott and Tina

Scott and Tina after the ceremony

In addition to the traditional vows both Tina and I wrote personal vows to each other. Here are the vows:

From Scott to Tina

Tina I love you and promise to continue loving you forever. Our relationship will be a place of security and friendship from which we both may grow. I cherish your creativity and will provide you with the support to be courageous with your talents. We will face the challenges that fate hands us together just as we will celebrate our fortunes together.

From Tina to Scott

Scott, I love you and promise to continue to loving you forever. I know my life with you will be filled with love, laughter, and trust. I will always encourage you to be true to yourself. We will continue to grow together, and fall in love a little more each day. I promise to love and support you in all of our adventures in life.

Now we’re off to the reception!

Welcome to Aggieland

by Scott

For those of you coming into town this weekend for our wedding, welcome to Aggieland. Whether you’ve travel from another state or live down the street we are very excited that you are here to help us celebrate our marriage, it means a lot to Tina and I. This post is just a recap of the important information about the wedding this weekend. The number one question that Tina and I have been asked for the past week is whether we are excited, and they answer is usually “yes… but we’re very busy.” We hope that you have a great time while in town and to help with that we’ve put together a list of our favorite places around Bryan / College Station. Check them out if you have time.


The ceremony will begin at 6:45pm sharp. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to allow time for seating and parking. We expect the ceremony to last 30 minutes with a reception immediately following. The ceremony site is out doors with an on-site alternative in case of inclement weather. However the weather forecast at this time looks good at a nice 77 degrees. Also, please remember we are requesting no gifts, as your presence at our wedding is all we need.

The dress style for the ceremony is “Dressy Casual”. For men this means: Trousers with a polo or button down shirt and a sports coat if you prefer with casual driving loafers or boots. For women this means: Dress, a dressy pants look, skirt with a sweater, or blouse with nice shoes or boots.


The ceremony is a few minutes outside of town at the Greenbranch. Below is the address along with driving directions, make sure you double check your route if you are using a GPS navigation device because they are easily confused by the area.

The Greenbranch
9471 Steep Hollow Road
Bryan, Texas 77808
(979) 774-0825

From Bryan/College Station exit highway 6 at Briarcrest Dr and turn left away from town, you should pass a Cracker Barrel. Continue straight on the road, it will change names to FM 1179, for 2.4 miles. Take a slight right turn onto Steep Hollow Road. Travel for 2.3 miles and look for signs that mark the entrance to the Greenbranch.

Important note for Navigation System (GPS) users: The area has two streets named “Steep Hollow” which easily confuse navigation units. Make sure you use the full street name including “Road”, then double check the directions above with those provided by your unit.

Aggie Pet Zone

by Scott

Tina has always been an very enthusiastic dog mom. Our two puppies, Mia and Maisy, have always lived a very pampered life wanting for nothing. A few weeks ago we were planning a trip out of town where it would have been very inconvenient for the puppies to travel with us. Normally the puppies would have stayed with a friend for the time but this time that wasn’t an option.

Aggie Pet Zone

Searching for another option we came across Aggie Pet Zone; a new facility out on Rock Prairie Road on the other side of Wellborn. They offer a wide range of services from grooming, doggy day care, training classes, and pet boarding. One of the main selling points are their private doggie suites. These private suites consist of a small room (think closet with windows), small raised bed, tile floor, and their own flat panel television. They promise to take girls out 6 times a day, and if you wish they will let your puppies socialize with other dogs staying there.

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Its my birthday and we ate sushi.

by Scott

This past Saturday evening Tina and a few of my fellow laborers gathered to celebrate my Birthday and May Day. We went to Naked Fish, what I believe to be the best Sushi restaurant in B/CS, and ate some great sushi. I highly recommend the Dancing Tuna roll, it’s probably their best roll on the menu.

Tina arranged to get some Sushi cupcakes for the event and they turned out amazing, see the picture below. The waitstaff at the restaurant hadn’t seen anyone do that before. It was funny to see the sushi chef’s checking out Sandee’s icing recreation.

Scott's Birthday Cupcake at Naked Fish
Sushi topped birthday cupcakes by Sandee Moss of Cinderella Stories. Everyone was amazed by how awesome they looked and how good they tasted.

See our other photo’s from the event on Flickr.