1 year! …almost.

by artjynx

Yes. I’m trying to get a jump on this baby growing faster than I can keep up with her…my last post..6 months. Parent of the year. To be fair, we moved, found a house, updated said house and moved again. All this while trying to freelance and take care of said baby. Tired? me? no….

So much in one year…new baby, new city, new job, new house. I’m so glad we decide to meet all of our goals at once. Now I can relax a little. ha.

swinginEllie, you’ve been so busy! Crawling, standing, growing teeth (2 almost in and 3 starting!). You’ve been trying to say the words “baby” and “momma”, but you’ve decided to be selective when using them. You love to babble and have created numerous noises in the past few months. Two of my favorites being raspberries and clicking your tongue. You LOVE the swing. The above picture is you and your first time on the swings. This obviously was after you calmed down from screaming with glee at the top of your lungs. How come we hadn’t done this sooner!?

halloween2013Halloween. That’s right, your parents dressed you as an archaic cartoon character. Even archaic to your parents, but hey, you’ll learn what classic animation is if it kills me. Some things never go out of style. We didn’t exactly take you trick or treating but we did parade you around the new neighborhood before bedtime and sucker you into a bunch of photos. You hated that bone in your hair btw. Thanks for humoring me for at least a little bit.

And now…your first birthday is approaching and I can hardly contain myself. My sweet girl, it’s hard to imagine last year before you were here and now how much you’ve grown and changed in the last year. You’re developing quite the expressive personality and I’m constantly entertained by you. I love you, baby.