6 months!

by artjynx

When people kept telling me how fast time would fly… I pretty much just ignored them in my sleep-deprived, half-conscious zombie-like state. I mean at that point time was flying in that I never had time to take a shower…(sometimes I still don’t). It’s kind of hard to be that tired and pay attention to all the things you’re supposed to or would like to for that matter. I’m apparently a prodigy at the mom-guilt thing though, and I’m lucky enough to stay home with E for these early years. And now….boom. 6 months.

Baby stats: Ellie

  • 16 lbs. 11 oz.
  • 26″ tall
  • drools. a lot. (we suspect teething but have yet to see anything breaking through)
  • Blue eyes (a pretty dark blue which didn’t change to brown surprisingly)
  • Light Brown Hair like Dad..including his widows peak hairline. It’s growing in large patches which is leading to unexpected cowlicks but are cute.


  • Her feet. This should actually be LOVES her feet.
  • Anything that plays music. Her favorite toys are her “ipod” and “remote”.  A daddy’s girl to the bone obviously.
  • Applesauce, carrots, peaches.
  • Rocking in a chair with Daddy
  • Sesame Street


  • Sitting in one place for too long
  • People using their ipads or iphones while holding her and not sharing

Ellie, you are the BEST sleeper like ever. Your parents adore you for this and if you’re 16 and reading this now….it might be good leverage for a car. You always greet us in the morning with huge smiles and what I call a “happy dance” of kicking your legs and giggling. Even on the cranky days you still are easy going and have reasons for being upset when you cry. You love going for walks and are starting to notice the puppies. They will allow you to pet them in small increments, but I don’t think Maisy will forgive the Eyebrow yank anytime soon.