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Welcome to Aggieland

by Scott

For those of you coming into town this weekend for our wedding, welcome to Aggieland. Whether you’ve travel from another state or live down the street we are very excited that you are here to help us celebrate our marriage, it means a lot to Tina and I. This post is just a recap of the important information about the wedding this weekend. The number one question that Tina and I have been asked for the past week is whether we are excited, and they answer is usually “yes… but we’re very busy.” We hope that you have a great time while in town and to help with that we’ve put together a list of our favorite places around Bryan / College Station. Check them out if you have time.


The ceremony will begin at 6:45pm sharp. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to allow time for seating and parking. We expect the ceremony to last 30 minutes with a reception immediately following. The ceremony site is out doors with an on-site alternative in case of inclement weather. However the weather forecast at this time looks good at a nice 77 degrees. Also, please remember we are requesting no gifts, as your presence at our wedding is all we need.

The dress style for the ceremony is “Dressy Casual”. For men this means: Trousers with a polo or button down shirt and a sports coat if you prefer with casual driving loafers or boots. For women this means: Dress, a dressy pants look, skirt with a sweater, or blouse with nice shoes or boots.


The ceremony is a few minutes outside of town at the Greenbranch. Below is the address along with driving directions, make sure you double check your route if you are using a GPS navigation device because they are easily confused by the area.

The Greenbranch
9471 Steep Hollow Road
Bryan, Texas 77808
(979) 774-0825

From Bryan/College Station exit highway 6 at Briarcrest Dr and turn left away from town, you should pass a Cracker Barrel. Continue straight on the road, it will change names to FM 1179, for 2.4 miles. Take a slight right turn onto Steep Hollow Road. Travel for 2.3 miles and look for signs that mark the entrance to the Greenbranch.

Important note for Navigation System (GPS) users: The area has two streets named “Steep Hollow” which easily confuse navigation units. Make sure you use the full street name including “Road”, then double check the directions above with those provided by your unit.

Aggies 33, Sooners 19!

by Scott

A while back Tina told me that she’d never been to an Aggie football game! I couldn’t believe that someone who had graduated from this university had never seen a game in Kyle Field. I thought it was some sort of requirement for graduation or something? If it isn’t, it should be. We had to fix this, so we got some tickets to the A&M vs OU game and invited Tina’s parents up for the game.

Scott and Tina posing in Kyle Field

Scott and Tina posing for a picture at the A&M vs OU game, 2010. This is the first time Tina has ever been to Kyle Field and we had front row seats!

Tina was really excited and looking forward to going to the game. She definitely did not feel that Scott was dragging her out to a football game. If you believe any of that, then you don’t know Tina very well! She’s not into sports, well, actually neither am I. But I do like to watch the Aggies win every now and then. I had a great time, and afterward Tina told me that she thought it was fun. I don’t know if she’s just telling me that, but she did seem to enjoy her self during the game. At least now she can say she’s been to a game and had a taste of what a Yell Leader is, along with all the traditions surrounding A&M Football. Perhaps in a few years we’ll go to another game, but I don’t think season tickets are in our future.

Since the Sooner’s were ranked 8th going into the game with 7 wins out of 8 games this season I was afraid the game was going to be a slow motion slaughter. In fact it was a great game! The Aggies got an early lead and kept it for the entire game. Great game Aggies!