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We’re Married!

by Scott

Just a few minutes ago at 6:45pm on March 26th 2011 in Bryan, Texas, Tina Messinger and Scott Phillips were married at a beautiful ceremony outside. Tina and I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time now, and we are both very happy to officially be married.

Scott and Tina

Scott and Tina after the ceremony

In addition to the traditional vows both Tina and I wrote personal vows to each other. Here are the vows:

From Scott to Tina

Tina I love you and promise to continue loving you forever. Our relationship will be a place of security and friendship from which we both may grow. I cherish your creativity and will provide you with the support to be courageous with your talents. We will face the challenges that fate hands us together just as we will celebrate our fortunes together.

From Tina to Scott

Scott, I love you and promise to continue to loving you forever. I know my life with you will be filled with love, laughter, and trust. I will always encourage you to be true to yourself. We will continue to grow together, and fall in love a little more each day. I promise to love and support you in all of our adventures in life.

Now we’re off to the reception!

The Dress – the almost final post

by artjynx

Warning: more wedding spoiler alerts here. Also a video of me with a remarkable resemblance to the Addams Family’s cousin It. (update: Scott has found You Tube’s annotations and has used them within the video)

The Dress

When we last discussed “the dress”, I had received the mock dress, and a large piece of paper to draw the design for the dress. After several tries of taking measurements and realizing that some of my undergarments were ill-fitting (thanks to a video skype with Katherine), the dress was out of my decision making realm and into Katherine at Whirling Turban’s creative and capable hands. I was a little timid in my design as I know nothing about dressmaking, and I certainly didn’t want to frustrate Katherine and wanted her to be able to express her talents. I drew something simple following her instructions. My first design was very line oriented which actually worked against how the ribbon design worked for her dresses so I tried toning it down a bit. She took my simple design and ran with it…I love it when people get to enjoy a project and I hope Katherine enjoyed working on mine. She requested to take artistic license and I totally agreed. It also meant that I really didn’t know what the final was going to look like. To some this may have been a bit scary, but seeing how talented whirling turban staff are, I was simply more excited to see what they would come up with.

When I was told the dress had been shipped, it was like waiting for Christmas. Turns out my wonderful post office claimed to have given me a notice which I NEVER saw. After a bit of tracking, I noticed that the dress had been here for 9 days at the post office….immediately went to rescue the dress that morning. Scott made me wait yet another hour before I could open it since he had to film me opening it. It sat on my office chair…waiting…..and just sitting there unopened. Try not to laugh at my hair in the video.

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The Dress: Part One

by artjynx

I now have something tangible regarding the dress and I’m very excited. I’ve decided to document my experience with Whirling Turban Dressmakers, as so far it’s been a pleasant one. This is also to calm the fears of those who think what I’m doing is a little crazy. Whirling Turban is located in Indonesia and owned by a former Hollywood costumer who employs some very talented ladies who can make amazing things. You can read their history here. How did I find them? Scott knew I would not be interested in adhering to most traditions when it came to our wedding but I felt a little weird or guilty about it at first (I live in the most homogenous city in Texas where unique is well, unique). He came across a website called Offbeat Bride which totally made me feel all betters and inspired me to be as fun and creative as possible without worrying about naysayers or overly traditional people. It’s our wedding and we should have a wedding that represents us.

Whirling Turban is a sponsor on that site where I quickly became enamored of the retro style dresses that were fun and not at all the fluffy white overkill gowns that saturate the wedding industry. No offense to women who love these, they just aren’t me, and I was dreading the process of going to a boutique type place and trying gown after gown on and not being happy about it. I never wear white, why should one of the most important days of my life force me to dress up like someone else’s idea of how I should be? (I took it very personally, but shouldn’t I?)
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